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Presenting a beautiful antique 1890 Salt Cellar by renowned Russian silversmith, Pavel Akimovich Ovchinnikov. Created from 88 Silver (88 zolotnik Russian silver was equivalent to 91.66% pure silver and 8.34% copper) and gold washed both inside and out, this salt cellar features a floral motif with intricate white, red, green and blue enamel champlevé throughout. The enamel is in near pristine condition and the gold wash is naturally patinaed. Fully and clearly hallmarked.
Pavel died in 1888 and his sons Mikhail, Alexander, Pavel and Nikolai took over the company until 1917, when the firm ceased trading due to the outbreak of the Russian Revolution. Ovchinnikov is particularly famous for his fine enamel works and developing different processing techniques including cloisonné and champlevé (champleé), giving his creations prestige and popularity all over Europe. Currently, his works are represented at the most important international museums and royal collections.

HEIGHT  =    .89 inches (22.7mm)

WIDTH  =   1.82 inches (46.2mm)

TOTAL WEIGHT  =    21.7 grams / 14.0 dwt

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in