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Presenting a remarkable handcrafted early vintage Sterling Silver bolo tie from the award-winning Navajo silversmith Clarence Lee (1952 – 2011) featuring an amazingly detailed Morning Singer dancer with his head piece resting at his feet. The Hopi celebrate of the Morning Singer Kachinas (Talavai Katsinas) as a pair, performing on the rooftops and singing songs, waking the Hopi people in the village and prompting other kachinas to join them in festivities. Clarence, along with his son Russell, were renowned for their awe inspiring attention to detail and the superior blend of textured, stamped and hand carved elements. The long Sterling silver tips feature handmade bench beads and the supple 3.5mm braided black leather cord is in very good condition.

SIGNED  =  Clarence Lee (etched script)   LE (over rocker)   STERLING

ARTISAN  = Clarence Lee

TOTAL LENGTH  =    36 inches

BOLO SLIDE  =  2.18 inches (55.5mm) by 1.24 inches (31.5mm)

STERLING SILVER TIPS  =  2.22 inches (56.5mm)

TOTAL WEIGHT  =    25.3 grams

Weight1 lbs