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A very interesting piece which appears to have once been a sign for a Tavern that went by the name of Pappy’s. The sign itself features a glass of Ballantine Beer and the three interlocking rings for the company known as Ballantine Brewery. Ballantine Ale is one of the oldest brands of alcohol in the United States and at its peak it was the 4th largest brewer in the United States. The sign itself is in rather nice condition for the obvious age. There’s minute rust located on the metal pieces for the top and bottom of the sign and on the chains as well. One of the lights is in working order but the other light appears to turn on and then off randomly. The main part of the sign does appear to have staining since it was, at one point, a white sign. One side of the sign does not feature the Welcome to Pappy’s portion but still has the design for the Ballantine Beer. Some of the rust appears to have stained the lower part of the sign. Even with these slight blemishes, it certainly is an amazing piece for any collector of more vintage signs.

Weight13 lbs
Dimensions5 × 23 × 27 in