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Jack in the boxes were very commonplace toys in the 60’s due to the mechanical components which intrigued many younger children and the songs that were played kept many children well enough interested in jack in the boxes. Gumby himself and his small buddy Pokey established themselves very well from the fifties to the eighties. This jack in the box was created and features the duo on each face of the jack in the box. It’s jack in the box is different in that it doesn’t play music and instead works by pulling on Gumby’s tie which pops open the top of the jack in the box. When the top opens Pokey pops out of the top to surprise who ever is playing with this small jack in the box. Comes with the original box, and the jack in the box itself which is in very good condition for the forty years of age that it has under it’s belt. A wonderful addition to Gumby or jack in the box collections.

Weight2 lbs