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Presenting an incredible Storyteller Sterling Silver cuff bracelet handcrafted by one of Arizona’s living treasures, Navajo silversmith Joe Begay. Featuring a pictorial scene of his beloved Southwestern desert with the iconic Mission, front and center. The precision cut pictograph rests above bold water wave symbols, representing life and renewal.

Joe is by all accounts a true Renaissance man. He served as a Green Beret during the Vietnam war, came home, and began an acting career on television with “Little House on the Prairie” and “One Life to Live.” In his words “I was lucky to be allowed to play an Indian. Until then, all Indians were played by whites”. He went on to portray roles in the movies Dances With Wolves, Three Amigos, Young Guns II and many others. Since his retirement from acting, Joe shifted his focus to silversmithing and has become renowned for his Storyteller jewelry that he sells adjacent to his cherished San Xavier Mission in Tucson, AZ. He is also an accomplished singer of traditional Navajo songs.

Signed – J. Begay

Artisan – Joe Begay

Size – 6 (Small)

Total Inner Circumference – 6 inches

Gap Opening – 1¼ inch

Diameter – 2 inches

Cuff Width – 1.00 inches (25.5mm)

Weight – 37.3 grams

Weight1 lbs