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A Russian couple are the focus of this painting with the man in a full red cape and the lady in a soft green gown. The fine and detailed art of painting on papier-m ché boxes was originated in Russia in the late 1700’s. This box is from the Palekh School and shows the intricate detail of colorful artwork on a black lacquer background. These boxes are made from pressboard, made into boxes, dried and then the real artwork begins. These hand painted boxes use egg tempera, 24 K gold and classic brushes made from a squirrel’s tail and of course, magnifying glasses to paint the intricate detail on the boxes. This hexagon box is 6 ¾” from corner to corner diameter and weighs 11.95 ounces. $59.99

  • Measures: 6 ¾” diameter
  • Weight: 11.95 ounces
  • Russian Lacquer Box
  • Hand Painted
  • Hallmark: Made in Russia
  • Condition: Gentle Wear
Weight1 lbs