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Ding Dong School was originally a show which aired between 1952 to 1956 which was billed as the “nursery school of the air”. This show was hosted by Frances Horwich, or Miss Frances, and was directed towards Preschoolers. This show was considered the precursor to Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood being geared towards teaching little kids everything that they might need to know growing up. From this television show comes this interesting set called Ding Dong School Mr. Bumps Kraft Pipe Cleaner Art Set.

This particular set is geared towards using pipe cleaner art and the imagination of the children who use it to create a multitude of interesting crafts. The set appears brand new as the bag which contains the styrofoam has yet to be opened and all the pipe cleaner pieces are also included with the set. The box is in worn shape with tears along the edges, the top being dented inwards and the bottom has been dented inwards as well. Despite these few problems with the box itself this makes an interesting set for anybody looking to introduce their child to arts or crafts. Also very interesting for anyone looking to remember the days when they watching this interesting show as a kid.

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions7 × 17 × 23 in