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Are you possibly that person; that person that will give this vintage fork a loving home? Sounds unreasonable to buy just a fork until you find out some history about the fork. The Hallmarks on the back of the fork indicate that its from 1853-1854. The Hallmarks also point out its British Silver and it’s from the great city of London. People back in this era had a utensil for everything. People had a spoon for just one type of soup or a fork for just a salad. This alluring fork was used for handling asparagus and nothing more.

The 162 year old fork is in great condition there are no cracks, scratches or tarnish anywhere on this piece. At the top of the fork under the prongs there is a unique design of reeds cut in. The end of the utensil is a fiddle thread end.

Length 10 inches (at its widest) Width2 inches Width 1 inch

Weighs approx. 72.20 dwt/ 3.61 Toz.
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions12 × 9 × 6 in